Welcome to PISTIS Corporation. We are the company who design, develop & operate Program & Service of CAD/CAM Milling Machine for Dental. We produce Technology Intensive products with several years of experience of developing&manufacturing milling machine as medical equipment.

We pursuit WIN-WIN partnership with customers on the concept that Belief & Reliability for each Other are most important value. Our Mission & Target are to provide ‘ALL in ONE SOLUTION’ beyond technology old fashioned.

Minimizing inefficient factors by integration & Fusion of separate technology, which will extend Over maximizing business performance, saving time, improvement of works & user’s convenience.

PISTIS Corporation will be the base of reliability of your business operation with Knowledge, High Technology & abundant experience of CAD/CAM Milling machine for Dental. We promise to provide superior technology & outstanding service environment

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Pistis BI

PISTIS BI is a design of enterprise identity & most important role of building the image Of reliability of the company. The name of ‘PISTIS’ is made on the basis of the concept that belief & reliability are the first Priority of the company.

The meaning of Symbol

The symbol of compacted base of tooth crown represents strengthening the basics and meaning that the value of global enterprise providing reliability to the customers & the image of window towards the World. The symbol of PISTIS is made of initial ‘P’ of PISTIS, means that do the role & mission of PISTIS(Belief) considering belief is the first value of the company. The pattern of ‘P’ of the symbol shows that opening the door to the world & sustaining identity of the enterprise through the image of the belief of FIVE LOAVES & TWO FISHES in the bible.

COLOR of Symbol

Belief & Advance


VISION & Responsibility.

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Pistis location


707Ho/706Ho, J-Tower, 330, Yeomjeon-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea